Wenzhou Cara Hardware participated in Shenyang Zhibo Exhibition
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The 17th China International Equipment Manufacturing Expo 2019 (Shenyang Manufacturing Expo) 9.1-5 days Shenyang International Exhibition Center held the same time 2019 Shenyang International Machine Tool Exhibition

The scope of the exhibition is as follows:

Industrial robot machine: welding, spraying, palletizing, handling, assembly, intelligent coordinate robot, etc.

Robot accessories: electronic control & mechanical parts (industrial lenses, industrial cameras, transformers, electrical and optoelectronic components, reducers, servo motors, testing equipment, welding and cutting equipment, spraying equipment, handling equipment, etc.)

Metal Forming Machine Tool Zone

CNC bending machine, CNC shearing machine, flame cutting machine, water cutting machine, band sawing machine, shearing machine and other sheet metal CNC processing equipment; high-speed precision punching machine, servo press, open press, closed press, Extruder, CNC turret punch press, servo crank press, etc .; sheet drawing hydraulic press, single column / four column hydraulic press, hydraulic straightening machine, hydraulic press, hydraulic broaching machine; laser cutting machine, laser welding machine, laser marking machine, Laser engraving machine, laser drilling (drilling) hole machine, other related laser equipment; tan (laser tan), CNC turret punch die, bending die, multi-station progressive die, etc. various metal / punching dies; sheet metal surface Processing equipment (deburring machine), sheet metal detection equipment, sheet metal processing software, etc.

Machine Tool Accessories Exhibition Area (2017 Machine Tool Exhibition)

Various machine tool functional parts, machine tool accessories, machine tool electrical appliances, etc .; pneumatic hydraulic components and devices, digital display devices, etc .; lubricants, industrial cleaning, logistics equipment and other factory-related supporting products

Metal sheet and equipment exhibition area

Metal plate (color steel plate, galvanized plate, cold-rolled plate, coated plate, thin plate, film-coated plate, printed steel plate, metal composite plate, profiled plate, barrier plate, various colored steel tiles) steel plate, cold and hot rolled steel Coils, tinned coils, galvanized (aluminum) steel coils, stainless steel coils, pickled steel coils, silicon steel sheets, carbon steel plates, color coated plates